Auctions for YOU!



Tuesdays are the new Thursdays! Now our public sales are back and bigger than ever -- and have a new night! It couldn't be simpler to find the vehicle you need at the price you want. Test drives from 4-6:15 PM, and the auction starts at 6:30. Don't miss it!

Want to see the inventory for the Tuesday Night sale? Just click here to be directed to the inventory! Please keep in mind that most inventory doesn't physically arrive until the late afternoon on Tuesday, so keep checking back throughout the day on Tuesdays to find the cars you are interested in!

TVA_logo Do you need a new vehicle? You can find excellent fleet-maintained vehicles at our special TVA sales! These vehicles have condition reports and maintenance records available for your review so that you always know what to expect. Just click this link to see a run list of what is available (so far) for the next TVA sale! And yes, you CAN TEST DRIVE THEM!
Local government agencies (including our own Hamilton County) frequently sell vehicles as well, and these auctions are always open to the public. Stay tuned to the Event List to see when these sales are taking place. A red dot next to the event name means the public is invited!